All about Kenzi and me

All about Kenzi and me

Kenzi and me 

Our story 

21 years old

We welcomed our first baby boy Riley

I was working at coles at the time it was a fill in job.....  I knew I wanted to do more.


I decided when Riley was two I would do a course to become a hairdresser and in that course I did my diploma in business


While I was training I was still working at Coles doing night fill and doing spray tanning as well meanwhile saving money to open my own salon from home


2015 I open my salon from home and also gave birth to a second child Zara


I was working six days a week and most nights to try to get my clientele up... and thats was happen it exploded

I was busier than ever and it was just me so I decided to make the huge decision to open a shop in early 2017


This is what I dreamt of this is what I worked so hard for this is what I put 1st to build a life for me and my family I thought having a salon would free me up as I would have staff but it was the opposite 


I have never worked so hard in my life it was stressful and amazing at the same time.

We weren’t planning to have any more children then came along our surprise baby! whoops... haha 

I knew having a third baby and working as hard as I did wasn’t going to work something had to give so.... I made the huge decision to sell my beautiful busy salon 




I have always been creative and loved fashion I think being a hairdresser really fit into my creative side and then doing my diploma in business really helped me and my way of thinking with business.


Kenzi and me started late 2018 being pregnant with our third baby 

As we started getting sorted for our new baby girl I was collecting things from amazing boutique baby online stores but I couldn't feel something missing I was going store to store rather then having the one brand I could just shop knowing the quality was going to be amazing.

It got me thinking... I started researching and Kenzi and me grow organically 

As I sold my salon I started to put my plans in to action with the money I had made and started my Instagram and my online store.


The birth of Kenzi 

We had planned to call our new baby girl Kenzi so it felt natural calling our new  Adventure Kenzi and me

After Kenzi was born my new collections started rolling in for the launch of K+M 

It was a crazy feeling seeing my designs come to life.


Kenzi and me went live April 2019 

And it’s honestly been amazing to Connect with like minded mums and build a platform where I was sharing my life and things I have designed and people loving them was and still is the best feeling and I couldn’t be happier 

I would never in 1 million years think that this is where I was going to be at the age of 30 I thought my salon was my life but in reality it was just a stepping stone to what I was made to do

Looking back on all this I really think working at Coles with other mums and hairdressing always been social I've always had a strong connection with other people especially mums just sharing my day to day life having a joke keeping it real just having a good old laugh.

So me sharing my life on instagram isn't much different for me then me having a chat to a friend or client.

So on that note welcome to my life and store 


Ange xx

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