Kian's Birth Story 1.2

Kian's Birth Story 1.2

Kian’s Birth Story 

First of all, thank you to everyone for your kind words and warm wishes on the birth of our beautiful boy Kian. 

Kian's name meaning King and his middle name is Mitchell is after our dear friend who sadly past just before Christmas 2020 who was our best man at our wedding and our kids godparent.


Before I get into the actual birth story, I’ll give you a lead up of a few weeks before so it gives you an idea of why what happened, happened.


I gave birth on 22 January 2021. Three weeks prior to that my Midwife was worried about the size of Kian. She suggested that I get a growth scan due to having Gestational Diabetes.

On the scan measurements weren’t adding up. They said that his head was measuring bigger than the measurement of his body and arms and legs and that he was on the small side.

From there they were sending me for weekly scans and extra appointments at the hospital and lots of tests.

Kian wasn’t growing as they wanted and was only putting on minimal weight, this is why they assumed it was the result of my placenta failing.


At this point, I wasn’t worried about his head being bigger than his body as I have quite a large head (lol) so they put it down to genetics’.


As I got further along in my pregnancy the doctors made the decision to induce me early due to the lack of growth. 

So, the morning of... 

Riley and Zara stayed at Bryce’s mum‘s house so we could get some rest and get ready for the big day. Kenzi was home with us but she was going to day care a little earlier than normal.

The sun was rising, it was a beautiful day, the nerves where setting in. I was getting a little bit worried but also excited at the same time. 

I couldn’t wait to see him, to see who’s features he had inherited. To hold him and breathe in that amazing newborn smell knowing this would be my last-born child.


We dropped Kenzi off at day care and headed to Gosford Hospital.


On arrival, two young midwives were waiting in the room for us. 


These ladies were absolutely lovely and hilarious. The room was filled with positive vibes and laughs all around.

We were cracking jokes which helps get my mind of what was actually happening.


Breaking the water.

The pants were off! Time to break them waters. They put that long stick that looks like a knitting needle up but couldn’t seem to get it. They changed the little device that looks like a tip of a finger of a glove with a tiny little hook on top. 


Yep that did the trick! It wasn’t what I expected, I thought I would hear a massive pop!! it wasn’t the case!

My last two pregnancies my water pop it was a loudest bang!

It literally just trickled out throughout the day like I was continuously weeing myself as I would move from the bed, to the ball, to the shower. Leaving a trail. 

The midwives left me for about an hour to see if things would get going as I previously had really fast labours......


The waiting game.

After a little bit of waiting, nothing was happening so they decided to give me the oxytocin. This is an artificial hormone to kickstart your contractions. They started on a lower dosage I felt nothing.

I kept telling them to “crank it up”. I wanted to get things going as my last two labourers were quite fast so I didn’t want to linger in pain. They jacked it up a bit I started to feel contractions yippee!! LET’S GO! They told me to walk around so I got on the ball and started bouncing as things progressed, I would then move into the shower for a bit of pain relief from the warm water. Although in a hospital the water is lukewarm at best. I wanted it burning hot to take the pain away 😅

With my little stick friend who is holding the bag with the oxytocin in it and the monitors on my belly you know the one with the pink and blue straps? The ones that are so sensitive but you can’t even move properly because it’s in the machine crazy 2021 you think you’ll come up with a better device than that 😅

Anyways, the Midwives were having a good old chat with Bryce and the room was very upbeat and of course I was laughing between contractions they turn it up more I started to get intense contractions.

“Holy shit this is hurting give me some of that gas” NOW!! 

Rocking side to side in the shower sucking on the gas just hearing that rattle that I’ve heard three times before from the gas machine - If ‘you know you know’ ha ha!

Things were getting real! Time to get out of the shower, so far this has been about nearly 3 hours but intense for about 45 minutes.

I told our Midwife I want to get on the bed she suggested to stay upright to make sure things keep moving I didn’t care I was going on that bed 😂

I remember one of the midwives, she was an assistant Midwife and was just starting out. She was so lovely and when I was in so much pain, I remember saying to her when she said “you can do it!” I replied to her “NO I can’t! nice eyebrows” she had a mask on so I couldn’t see her face just her beautiful bloody brows! 


Squawking like a bird I knew this feeling before when you’re at the point where you know you can’t go on anymore, I begged the Midwife and Bryce for an epidural they said I don’t need it I screamed give me the “fucking epidural!”.

The fun joking Angela went out the window. For that quick second I was serious I wanted it then and there! Ha ha! 😂 

The Midwife rang up and ordered epidural she said it would be 20 minutes 

She went out of the room. The assistant Midwife was there next to me and Bryce was holding my hand as I sucked into the gas. I could feel that pain, that pressure, oh no here we go!! 

I pushed and grunted then said to Bryce is he out?

He laughed and said no 😅🥺

Oh man I really thought that tiny push and he would be out. Considering I’ve had three other babies, I was laying on my side squeezing Bryce‘s hand with my head near his. 

The Midwife told Bryce to quickly push the emergency button as this was it!!

Before he could, I just pushed once really hard!!...and his head was out and then in the next second, I pushed his body was out before Bryce could even push the button literally the student Midwife delivered him, well picked him up off the bed 😅

Oh my gosh! thank gosh!! What a relief!!

I did it!! I remember saying I DID IT!! 

That was rough! My contractions were very intense by the end. I was kinda regretting that I told her to crank it up. Wow! 


The Midwives came back in, I can’t even recall how many people in the room, it was a lot going on.

They put Kian on my chest for a quick second before they realised that his breathing was not right. They gave him a minute to see if it would regulate naturally. It didn’t, they took him over to the little crib and gave him some air to see if that would help. 

More people came into the room and Kian was rushed to the NICU upstairs with Bryce. 

I was left on the bed to push out Placenta. 


They gave me that needle in the leg.  About 10 minutes later, the placenta was out they checked ON me to see if I needed stitches, I did not.

After they pressed on my stomach which felt like they were touching my spine I was allowed up to have a shower I got up quickly had a shower got dressed, pack my things so I could head upstairs to see my boy I was so worried. This was not like any of my other births. 

As I walked up into the doors of the NICU I saw doctors and Midwives. There were about 10 people standing around Kian. He already had the needle in his arm and was hooked up to all the machines. He had the CPAC on his nose and the little head beanie on. My heart felt like it has been ripped out and jumped on. I’ve never been so stressed and worried sad and thankful that the same time. 

To be continued.

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