Last minute Christmas gifts for us Mums

Last minute Christmas gifts for us Mums

Ladies send this link to your secret Santa, Baby Daddy or partner or spoil yourself x

I’ve chosen some perfect gifts to suit all budgets

From local small and large business to help you this silly season 


Psssst there’s no vacuums on this list 🙅🏻‍♀️

I am a true believer in having a full cup and being a Mum we are always pouring so much out of our cups for our family

We deserve to be spoilt 

So let’s jump in to it 


Number One 

I love anything personalised 

This pouch from The Daily Edit is great to store your phone, keys and cards all in one and great to pop in your baby bag 

Matches our Kendra baby bag PERFECTLY

You can put your initials on them, they come in lots of colours

They send you a $10 voucher straight to your messenger when you visit their web page. Winning!

Price: $99



Number Two 


I have been loving my earrings from Kirstin Ash, she can do no wrong. I love how simple yet stunning they are I always get compliments every time I wear them 

Price: $138


Available in gold and silver 

Number Three

I am normally a Chanel girl but this year this perfume caught my eye 

Yves Saint Laurent LIBRE

The bottle is so sexy and the smell....the best way for me to discribe it is a rich bitch 😂

It’s my new favourite 

Price: $170 (For the gift set)



Number Four


Do I need to say more? 

This is great way to spend the amount you like on a gift card

Better yet book a couples massage and don't forget to organise a baby sitter! 😅

There are always plenty of beauty places everywhere

Google one near you and look up reviews! 

Great way to support local business


Number Five

Honestly there is nothing better the a great smelling candle

We have an amazing local Candlemaker and her candles have been my favourite for years! 

Middle Tree 

She has a wide range on her website so you can choose your limit 

Posts Australia wide 

She has a sale on now check her out

Price from $14.95

Lychee & Pink Peony is a must 

Number Six 

Garmin Watch 

I have been loving mine lately, the fact it looks like a normal watch but is also a fitness and sleep tracker is so handy. The battery life is really good on this one.

I have it in black and rose gold. It’s really easy to use and super comfy on the wrist 

I’ve seen these in JB HI-FI for $250


Number Seven 

Buy a gift card from you local boutique 

As Mums we normally put ourselves last. Our kids dress the best and we are still rocking jeans from 2010

Check out their Facebook or Instagram and if you think they are a similar style to the way they dress

The fact you went into a little local business rather then a shopping centre chain gift card will be extra special!

And you can choose the amount! Winning!


Number Eight 

Every year I like to pretend I am going to be organised and I love a fresh diary 

Kiki have great ones and you can keep the same case and just buy the insert for the new year! 

They have large and smaller ones 

Price: $30 (on sale)


Number Nine 


I think a great pair of sunnies are amazing..... shock the shit out of her with some Ray-Bans Haha! ( I Brought a pair for Bryce last year... he ask me if they were knock offs...... Lol! 

She will love them I am putting these on my wish list

I feel this shape would suit a lot of faces 

Heres the link for my pick

Price I found them for around $200



Number Ten

I lovvvvvveeee shoes

And a comfy pair at that! I’ve brought these for myself and ooo-m-ggg they are so comfy and soft! 

They come in black and tan.... of course I got the black 😂

Got them on sale aswell Winning! 

Price: $89 (On sale)



I hope you have enjoyed my last minute gift ideas for Mums

Just a few of my favourite things... Yes I'm Oprah!

Merry Christmas everyone and thanks so much for your support this year!

We deserve this entire list but hey I'll settle for a candle 

Ange xx




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